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Just Thinking You Slept Badly Can Harm Your Performance

“Rough night?” is in many ways an insult disguised in a sympathetic question, as it’s pretty much saying “you look awful, was it a bad night?”

Besides insulting you, can it also be sabotaging your productivity?

A fascinating study by Kristi Erdal and Christina Draganich from Colorado College indicates precisely that: Subjects tricked into thinking they had a bad night’s sleep (by telling random subjects that their brain waves had been measured and they saw how they slept) underperformed in a test –mirroring the effects of real sleep deprivation — irrespective of how they actually slept.


It’s well-known that sleep deprivation harms performance: It lowers concentration, slows reaction time, and affects reasoning.

Now we know it’s not enough to get a good night’s sleep — you need to believe it too.