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Announcing First in Nation Partnership: City & Tech Company, Expanding Access for Job seekers

We at Apploi are very excited to be officially launching tomorrow a unique partnership with Baltimore City – where our jobs kiosks are being placed into the Central Library/State Library Resource Center and at two Mayor’s Office of Employment Development-operated centers: Eastside One-Stop Career Center (open to general public and the Career Academy (open only to school’s students).

The kiosks both expand access to jobs – reaching those without internet or computer access – and transform how jobseekers interact with companies – by enabling jobseekers to showcase their personalities and skills and respond to questions (including video and audio) set by employers.

Rich Seltzer from the Baltimore Business Journal reports:

It’s officially launching with a Wednesday evening panel at the Enoch Pratt Free Library at 400 Cathedral Street. City officials will speak, and employers looking for workers will be on hand. The event will run from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Read the full article here.

If you’re in Baltimore – join us for what promises to be a special evening, and the launch of a transformative partnership. Participants include great companies (the likes of Cinnabon, PayPal, Rue21, and many, many more), job experts, city officials, and hundreds of job seekers. And as Mr. Seltzer reports, more than 400 new Baltimore jobs have been added in the last two weeks alone!

By expanding access through kiosks, and by enabling job seekers to showcase their personalities and skills upfront, Apploi benefits both job seekers – who get jobs they previously never would have been considered for or couldn’t access or didn’t know about – and companies, who benefit from the larger talent pool (and see a 30% reduction in turnover because of the better fit). It truly is a win-win.



From $5 an Hour to CEO: How to Do It

I recently was fortunate to spend time with the delightful Pernille Spiers Lopez, who started off on the sales floor at a furniture store earning $5 an hour and went on to become President and CEO of Ikea North America, and Global Head of HR.

Her message is both inspiring and practical – for both job seekers and those starting off at the career, as well as those higher up in organizations. A series of must-watch interviews with her will be published each week at The first one, on starting from the bottom, can be seen below and here. Her book, “Design Your Life” will be published November 4th (pre-order here).

One of the things we at Apploi hear again and again when speaking to HR leaders and CEOs, are that companies want to promote from within. If that message is effectively communicated to job seekers, it’s a win-win for both the staff and the companies. Talented individuals will take entry-level positions, and it will be the stepping stone to a great career in the organization. The key is communication – and examples, like Pernielle, who have done it.


Recruiters Think ‘Seasonal Seasonal Seasonal Workers’; But What Do Those Workers Think?

One of the benefits of working at Apploi and having hundreds of thousands of job seekers come to us for advice, training, and (of course) jobs, is that we gain great insight from them into what they’re thinking. And much like Mel Gibson’s character in the movie “What Women Want” discovered, it’s not always what the other side thinks.

We’re going to be unveiling different insights over the next few weeks, but one thing to highlight today – which you can read on the Apploi Advice page from my colleague Charlotte Phillips – is that job seekers are embracing seasonal work.

It’s not the case – as sometimes assumed – that job seekers don’t want temporary or seasonal work, and only want full-time work. We in fact found that:

“52 percent of jobseekers are looking for seasonal work over the holidays, maybe hoping to make some extra money to treat their families. Plus, 36 percent of jobseekers are looking for their second or third job, so part-time shift work is perfect for them. For most jobseekers today, flexibility is key, and that’s exactly what seasonal work offers.”info-4-

These insights are very valuable, as companies are battling for these seasonal workers. As the AP reports:

“Macy’s plans to hire about 86,000 seasonal holiday workers nationwide to bolster its stores, call centers and distribution hubs.

UPS … this year said it would be hiring 95,000 people to handle the load. FedEx plans to hire more than 50,000 seasonal workers, or 10,000 more than last year.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the nation’s largest private employer, plans to hire 60,000 temporary workers, nearly a 10 percent increase over last year.

Kohl’s plans to hire more than 67,000 seasonal workers, a 15 percent increase over last year …

Target Corp. said it will hire 70,000 seasonal workers, even with 2013.”

With all this competition, and much more, the question therefore for businesses large and small becomes: How can you win the race to get these seasonal workers? How can you standout to get the best workers – and deliver the best service for your customers?

Here are the answers that we’ve learned from seasonal workers:

Don’t have a cumbersome application process with long lines, lots of steps, multiple call-backs, and slow communication. They’ll just go elsewhere. The best certainly will.

Do have a quick and easy point of capture process, and the ability to quickly identity those who meet your criteria – and to respond to them quickly.

And of course – if a seasonal worker shines, while they might be happy just being temporary, you can always try to get them to stay. Temporary hires are a great way to identify future talent for full-time openings.

Even the chauvinistic Mel Gibson got the girl in the end.