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‘Delegation without follow up is abdication ‘ Advice from Andy Grove, RIP

Andy Grove, the former CEO of Intel, died last week. His book “High Output Management” is one of my favorites – and I was only introduced to it in 2014 (when I reviewed Ben Horowitz’s book for the WSJ – see here – and here for an introduction to the book by Ben.

Grove’s book is full of wisdom, some of my favorite pieces of advice are:

– It’s very important to send out a recap after a meeting afterwards on what needs to be done. If it’s important enough to hold the meeting, it’s important enough to write notes.

– By saying yes to something you are implicitly saying no to something else.

– Plan in the way a fire department does. You can’t anticipate when the next fire will be, so have a team capable of responding to an unanticipated event as well as an ordinary one.

– Delegation is key to management. But delegation without follow up is abdication.

– Before including people in meetings, ask are they necessary – otherwise you’re wasting the company’s money. (People are worth a certain amount per hour to a company. And just like any purchase, say above $1,000 needs to be justified, shouldn’t the use of someone’s time be treated the same?)


Ladies Beware: The Bigger the Ring, the Shorter the Marriage?

At least according to an academic paper (full paper here), abstract here:

In this study, we evaluate the association between wedding spending and marriage duration using data from a survey of more than 3,000 ever-married persons in the United States. Controlling for a number of demographic and relationship characteristics, we find evidence that marriage duration is inversely associated with spending on the engagement ring and wedding ceremony.

So not only doesn’t money guarantee happiness, with marriage bliss it’s the opposite?




Nancy Reagan Islam

My latest piece for the Daily Beast (full article here):

The timing of the death of Nancy Reagan just as Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the Republican nomination seems increasingly unstoppable, is particularly painful for one Muslim lady in Brooklyn, Farhana, and her family.

That is because Farhana is not the name she goes by; she goes by Nancy—a nickname her family gave her in 1990, a year after she was born, and the year her family moved to the U.S. from Bangladesh. It’s customary for Bengalis to give their children more English-sounding nicknames that family and friends will use throughout their lives.

Her name was given in honor of President Ronald Reagan, as his 1986 immigration act enabled Farhana’s family to join their father, who was already living in the U.S. Her uncle named his son, Nancy’s cousin, “Reagan,” for the same reason. And so in 1990 the Muslims “Nancy” and “Reagan” moved to Brooklyn.

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