Federal Reserve To Recruiters: There Are More Jobseekers Out There

The Upshot in Yesterday’s New York Times asks: “Why aren’t wages rising more briskly when unemployment has fallen so much?”

The answer is because:

Wages aren’t rising because the labor market isn’t as tight as we thought; there are more people available to re-enter the work force as more jobs become available, and the unemployment rate can fall more before it becomes truly hard for firms to find workers.

More jobseekers out there is of course great news for companies for multiple reasons; the only question for companies then is how do you reach those so far passive jobseekers?

Because they’re not actively searching they’re not yet on traditional job boards and digital advertising is unlikely to reach them.

One way we’ve found to work very well for companies is through our public network of jobs kiosks. They catch the eye of people — in the case of this picture it captures the attention of would-be jobseekers strolling through a GGP shopping mall by Baltimore’s  Inner Harbor. Another way is for brands to offer recruiting opportunities at non-job fair events they hold.



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