Announcing First in Nation Partnership: City & Tech Company, Expanding Access for Job seekers

We at Apploi are very excited to be officially launching tomorrow a unique partnership with Baltimore City – where our jobs kiosks are being placed into the Central Library/State Library Resource Center and at two Mayor’s Office of Employment Development-operated centers: Eastside One-Stop Career Center (open to general public and the Career Academy (open only to school’s students).

The kiosks both expand access to jobs – reaching those without internet or computer access – and transform how jobseekers interact with companies – by enabling jobseekers to showcase their personalities and skills and respond to questions (including video and audio) set by employers.

Rich Seltzer from the Baltimore Business Journal reports:

It’s officially launching with a Wednesday evening panel at the Enoch Pratt Free Library at 400 Cathedral Street. City officials will speak, and employers looking for workers will be on hand. The event will run from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Read the full article here.

If you’re in Baltimore – join us for what promises to be a special evening, and the launch of a transformative partnership. Participants include great companies (the likes of Cinnabon, PayPal, Rue21, and many, many more), job experts, city officials, and hundreds of job seekers. And as Mr. Seltzer reports, more than 400 new Baltimore jobs have been added in the last two weeks alone!

By expanding access through kiosks, and by enabling job seekers to showcase their personalities and skills upfront, Apploi benefits both job seekers – who get jobs they previously never would have been considered for or couldn’t access or didn’t know about – and companies, who benefit from the larger talent pool (and see a 30% reduction in turnover because of the better fit). It truly is a win-win.



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